What can I expect from a lesson?

During the lessons there is singing and dancing to a variety of music, the playing of games and the playing of simple instruments. From within a safe and trusted environment old and new songs are sung which are relevant to both the age and perception of the child’s world. Everything is aimed at the natural capabilities of your child.  IMG_0020 (Copy)

There are songs about getting dressed, cleaning teeth, going to bed/ lullabies, tidying-up, hand and finger games and songs to accompany specific activities. There are songs about birds, frogs, mice, butterflies, ducks, chicks and much, much more. Games in the round, dances and movement using ribbons the possibilities are endless! Tempo and rhythm are stimulated with clapping, walking or drumming in time to the music, for the very small rocking in time with the music is just as stimulating. There is a comprehensive repertoire of songs accompanied by new ideas for musical games and the children have the opportunity to sing and play in a group.DSC07570 (Copy)

The first and last activity remains the same in every lesson: at the beginning of every lesson each child is individually greeted and at the end of the lesson each child has the opportunity to then say goodbye, all conducted in a cheery and play-like manner. At the end of each lesson the new songs are showed,  with both words and music, you can make a picture, so that you can practice at home with your child. 227