A music course specifically for parents, grandparents and / or carers and their children!

This music course is based on the young child’s natural interest in music and is then expanded upon via play between parent and child: making music together, discovering together and having fun together. The lessons begin at a time when the child is in his developmental phase.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Children love music and singing and especially enjoy the interaction with an adult or peer.

Do you fancy learning some Dutch children’s songs? Do you already know some but need a little prompting or are you musically challenged and looking for a helping hand!? If so, then this course is just what you’re looking for!SAM_1543 (Copy)

During the course music is brought to you and your child by means of play, dancing, use of simple instruments and other equally fun activities: from balls to bath ducks, mice to frogs. Old and new songs are sung and are brought to life with numerous activities. Using as many “real” instruments as possible the children can already begin to make association with the piano, guitar, horn, trumpet, numerous wind instruments and the conga to name but a few.